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LEO medicare prides itself on offering customized health solutions for international organizations working in Myanmar

  • Health plans that create access for local and international staff to all of the services provided by our 24 hour International Medical Centre in Yangon
  • Coordination of domestic and international emergency transport and emergency care from our 24 hour operations center in Yangon
  • Remote site healthcare and emergency response strategies and services
  • Retrofitted shipping containers that act as temporary clinics
  • International first aid and emergency response training center in Yangon

International Medical Centre in Yangon

24 hour International Medical Centre in Yangon
  • Primary Care services and diagnostics
  • Scheduled and on-call specialist services
  • 24 hour emergency care and home/hotel care
  • Immunizations
  • Medical Check Ups
  • Statutory Examinations

Worldwide Medical Assistance

24 hour Diagnostic Centre in Yangon
  • 24 Hour ambulance & medical escort
    • Medical escort by doctor or nurse
    • Non-medical escort
    • English speaking customer service coordinator
  • Worldwide Medical Evacuation & Repatriation
    • Medical evacuation to Yangon and internationally
    • Air ambulance/ Charter flight/ Commercial flight
  • Repatriation of Mortal remains
    • Transportation from place of death to home country
    • Local burial at the place of death

Turn key medical projects for remote sites

24 hour International Clinic Chains Around Myanmar
  • Medical staffing (physician, nurse, medic, technicians)
  • First aid training
  • Procurement of medical equipment, pharmaceuticals, and disposables
  • Rental of medical equipment
  • Rental of 40 foot shipping container that services as temporary clinic
  • Rental of ambulance

International Training Centre Facility

Worldwide Medical Assistance Facility
  • Training room with fully equipped audiovisual facilities
  • Training by internationally recognized instructors
  • Training packages customized to requirements of individual organization
  • Issuance of internationally recognized certificates

Vacancy Announcement

Leo Meidcare is looking for efficient and competent employees


LEO medicare responds to trauma at Oil & Gas facility


6.1.2013 LEO medicare to provide turnkey remote site management solution to GIS

24 hr Call Centre: (+959) 49218410